Posted by: doorstoautomatic | March 5, 2010

All that glitters is not gold

Paid a quick visit to the Business Travel Show recently, which is usually a waste of time as exhibitors try to get you to pay more for stuff than you normally would. My favourite was Expedia Business Services, who do all your booking for you, for a fee, but use the regular Expedia site like anyone else with no special discounts.

Although the show is good for keeping an eye on the new biz products from the airlines. Doors To Automatic checked out Emirates’ first class product.

Emirates first suite

They call it a suite and it’s pretty similar to the products from Singapore, Qatar and Etihad with the privacy wall on one side. The green light presumably illuminates when the seat is upright for takeoff or landing while the blue light is the call button. Why you’d ever need a call button is beyond me – look at the amount of stuff they put in there.

Inside Suite

Christ on a bike, no wonder people in first are such troughers. Pringles, chocolate bars, biscuits right in front of you and hot and cold running Pepsi and Sprite in the armrest. If it’s there, you’ll eat it, whether you want it or not. Can’t help thinking EK could have put something cooler in there like Connect 4 or a Rubik’s cube. Something to distract the brain.

Then there’s all the gold trim. EVERYTHING is trimmed in gold. The panelling, the huge TV, the lamp, mirror, sidelight, armrest, even the recline buttons. Since the use of real gold in these areas would complicate EK’s A380 weight and balance calculations, you can understand why that’s not an option – but it’s just so fake glittery. Gold is a big thing with the Middle East carriers.. Who knows, maybe someone likes it somewhere.

Of course the demo suite is 1A. There’s nothing sadder than people who get excited by snagging 1A. I hear Jackie Stewart won’t fly in any other seat. BA’s 757’s have a wardrobe where 1A is.. The first seat on the left is 3A. Still, first class is all about status. 1A could sell at a premium. Not a bad idea, Emirates.


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